Bravery Rising


Hi guys,

Mikayla, here! I want so share something super special with y'all.

The Authentic Woman is something that is so close my heart. The Authentic Woman is an interactive book that speaks out on bravery, beauty, self-confidence, and purpose. Think book meets magazine meets self-help guide! It’s created in mind of the reader, you. They are share of relative topics and struggles! That’s what I love so much about TAW. Each piece is written with such raw and genuine authenticity. 

The Authentic Woman breaks chains in a world of facades and filters.

Volume II, Bravery Rising, rests on the premise that each of us carry boldness, confidence and bravery at our core. It is hardwired into our makeup. Life isn’t lived to its fullest extent without the expression of bravery. We aren’t able to walk in our purpose and live at our highest potential without choosing to be brave. And yeah, bravery is scary. It requires risk, failure, and courage. Bravery teaches us to embrace failure - to look it in the eyes, observe it, learn from it, stand up tall and try again. It teaches us that failure isn’t the end of the story - but a lesson learned.

This issue will empower you to overcome fear, be confident in your identity and walk in absolute, utter bravery.

Some of the sweetest hearts are poured into the pages of Volume II, Bravery Rising. I am lucky enough to be on this team of world changers, soul chasers. I was lucky enough to photograph for this volume as well as write for it. Woot woot!

PRE-ORDER begins today, March 1st! Launch is March 8th. 

I offer you sweet people 20% off Bravery Rising with the code MIKAYLA20. Hop on over to The Authentic Woman and pre-order your copy. This is something I am seriously passionate about, and I want to share it with you.


The first 20 people who order, get a free painting from Taylor Lee Paints.

If you decide to order or if you want to learn more, I want to hear from you!