How To Lead But Continue To Follow


Sometimes, I lose myself, because I begin to lose my lack of control.

HI, I am Mikayla, and I am a control freak.

I like to be completely in control all of the time which is such a unreasonable trait of character as I live in an uncontrolled world. I am a controlling, impulsive person. Yes, I like to plan out what I do, but I also like to do the things that I plan impulsively. I have always been an extremely independent person. When I was 14, I started a fashion blog which lead me to working with big companies by the time I was 15. When I was 16, I began a photography business that lead me to build social networking skills and skills that some learn beyond high school.

I like things to be done my way, so rather than seek help, I do everything myself.

Independence can be both a good and bad thing.

My independence led me to live a life that was not dependent on the Creator who made my creative heart. 

While success seems to bloom out of independence, sometimes independence can lead to a life that is being relied on your hands rather than the Creator's.

You are a leader and that is great. You take on the role that many would rather not have. As you lead and pursue your passions, remember to always follow. 

CEOs and the big guns of major corporations tend to frequently go to conferences with seminars highlighting "How To Better Lead Your Team", "How To Be the Best Boss", or "How To Be Successful". If we want to learn how to lead well, learn how to follow well. Learn how to follow the example of the Jesus who lead twelve men whom completely dropped everything in their life to follow Him. 

Jesus is the best example of leading well. Over and over again, He shows us how to lead with a humble heart. Let's get down to the knitty gritty -- how do we lead but continue to be a follower?

1. Lead But Still Be A Servant.

Mark 10: 45 // “Even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

This was a transformative trait that Jesus had. Jesus is way cool. He's the Son of the King of Kings yet was sent to this earth to be a servant to us. He washed the feet of his disciples and didn't carry Himself as the most important guy around even though He was. 

You may be the most important person in the room, but remember that in order to lead well, you must love well, and sometimes that takes getting on the ground and getting dirty. 


2. Be A Mentor.

Jesus approached each and every one of His disciples. He hung out with them and shared with them of ways that they can disciple after He would leave them. He was preparing them to be leaders in their own communities.

Jesus showed up. He showed up in His followers lives. 

Be in unity not on levels.

Jesus never belittled His disciples. He never told them that they were not capable or inadequate.  His mentoring style was through setting an example. He journey with His disciples and shared knowledge with them by His own actions. He never treated them as if they were less. He was always collaborative. He could've just spoken and had enough food to feed that 5,000 people crowd, but He partnered with a shepherd boy whose life was radically changed that day.

You may be the important person in the room, but remember that people aren't less just because you think you know more.

Sometimes, being a leader looks like leading small, being a leader in one or two people's lives. It doesn't always mean you are in charge of huge events with thousands of people following your order. Somtimes, being a leader looks like having coffee with someone and being a light in their life.

Show up in your followers' lives. If you are a small group leader, director, teacher, coordinator, ect., be present and active in your peers' lives. Speak into the lives of your peers. You already have that gift of captivating people's attention. Use that for His glory. Be intentional as a mentor. 

3. Stop being in control.

OOH! This is a toughie for me, but it really shouldn't. Yes, it's human nature for us to do it our way, but why do it our way, when God's way is obviously going to be so much better and so much more abundant for our lives.

It's scary to let someone else have control. It's scary for us to give up a seat that we've sat in for so long. It's okay though, because when we give God the throne, we are given rest and peace that God will reign victorious. He never loses. He always wins. Our battles as leaders may be difficult, but as we let Him lead we can rest in the fact that the story always ends with Him winning. 


Thanks for being a leader! Thanks for being an amazing part of orchestrating great things. Lead well by leading by Christ's example of loving on people and walking humbly. Give your own authority to the God who equipped you with that. Be generous in how you love your small group, your co-workers, or your employees. 

Watch as God continues to do amazing things when you allow Him to lead you.

Mikayla ChristiansenComment