Mikayla Christiansen is a branding and portrait photographer located in Virginia. She serves the Lynchburg area as well as her home state, North Carolina. She is passionate about story telling and visual imagery. Her heart is where her passion lies -- people. She is passionate about loving people, coffee shop dates, and sharing Jesus.

Christiansen is self-represented and is interested in serving you.

Some of her favorite things: dad jokes, alternative music, Jesus, people, chai lattes, sunflowers, Madewell's stripes, yoga, vegan treats, watching the Office repeatedly, and showing off cool dance moves in public.

Something she would like to do: Travel. Travel. Travel. Go back to Guatemala and love on those people! Also, secretly aspiring to be a sunflower farmer.

Something people may not know about her: She once had two llamas and an albino rabbit. She has climbed an active volcano but will not ride roller coasters.